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The Law Offices of Robert Craig Wallach, P.A. in the South Florida Tri-County Area Provides Asset Protection

Protecting assets for for future generations is an important part of estate planning. A good estate lawyer can help protect assets through the use of corporations, trusts and insurance.

Part of estate planning is protecting assets from undeserving hands and ensuring heirs get as much of your money as possible. This often involves trust law and the use of legal entities to provide assurance for the ones you love. At the Law Offices of Robert Craig Wallach, we not only possess the legal know-how, but the financial and business understanding to help our clients achieve their goals.

A well-planned trust can be a solution for many problems. For some more complex estates, a family limited partnership combined with other legal vehicles such as a land trust can provide valuation benefits as well as asset protection.  Using a trust in an estate plan can reduce or eliminate probate costs and estate taxes and help ensure that property, such as real estate, is passed down instead of sold to pay taxes or upkeep of the estate.  But the right trust depends on the specific situation. Often it depends on the client’s goals.

A good estate planner can also advise on the proper use of both charitable lead and remainder trusts. Special needs trusts to protect access to government benefits. Life insurance trusts to secure your loved ones future.  Protecting assets for future generations is a core part of proper estate planning. A good South Florida Tri-County Estate planning lawyer can help make sure that a client’s money and property stays in the family and is not lost to the government or creditors.

All adults should have an estate plan, and those with substantial assets should consider contacting Robert Craig Wallach to talk about protecting their assets for the future.

The choice of a lawyer is an important decision and should not be based solely upon advertisement.

The Law Offices of Robert Craig Wallach, P.A.
4171 W. Hillsboro Blvd.
Suite 9
Coconut Creek, FL 33073
Toll Free: 866-593-5966


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