Tri-County Area FL Estate Planning Lawyer Offers Estate Tips

When planning for the future, families are advised to locate a legal advocate who is knowledgeable about laws pertaining to wills and asset-distribution. A Tri-County area FL estate planning lawyer can help them understand the complexities of estate planning.

It is recommended that adults of all ages have an estate plan in case a medical emergency or other tragic event leaves them unable to communicate their wishes to family members or medical personnel. If a parent has minor children, the estate plan can provide for their well-being. Estate planning may be especially complex for blended families or single individuals. The estate planning firm advises clients to prepare a plan while they’re young and healthy so they can explore all their options to preserve their legacy.

The probate attorney guides clients through the process of developing a plan that focuses on their goals. Understanding that each individual has unique circumstances, the firm does not use a cookie-cutter approach.

The Florida firm provides comprehensive legal representation, working with clients to draft wills and set up trusts. Legal counsel helps clients understand the benefits and limitations of estate planning instruments. Living wills, last wills and testaments, and the appointment of medical surrogates are discussed. Clients can designate a trusted individual who has power of attorney if they become incapacitated.

Clients can learn about different types of trusts and which are most appropriate considering their objectives. The various types of trusts include charitable, land, revocable, and irrevocable. Special needs trusts protect a disabled family member’s access to government benefits. QPRT trusts allow for greater gift tax exemptions.

Estate plans are designed to minimize tax burdens. The knowledgeable attorney is well-versed in all aspects of probate and estate administration.

The firm serves a wide range of clients, from individuals and families to businesses. The Tri-County area FL estate planning lawyer helps clients create a “road map” to the future to protect their interests and those of the next generation.

*The choice of a lawyer is an important decision and should not be based solely upon advertisement.


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