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Law Offices of Robert C. Wallach, Now Offers Advisory Services Without In-House Counsel Costs

Estate Planning Attorney Robert C Wallach, and his partners now offer valuable advisory services without added the cost of in-house counsel.
Choosing a well qualified and reputable Broward-Palm Beach-Dade TriCounty FL Estate Planning Lawyer may be one of the most important financial decisions you will ever make.
You need a professional that is experienced and certified in the areas of Trusts, Probate, and Estate Planning Law, and who has spent a majority of his or her time practicing in these areas of law. Your estate planner should carry professional liability or malpractice insurance and, because it is common that those searching for these services will shop around, they should offer free, or low-cost, initial consultations.
Thatís why the Law Offices of Robert Craig Wallach, P.A. in Tri-County Area FL are proud to announce that they now offer advisory services without the cost of in-house counsel.
Robert Craig Wallach is a highly experienced tax and estate planning attorney who focuses on the specific needs of all his clients. As a health care attorney in Florida, Mr. Wallach frequently represents nursing homes and similar organizations in the health care sector. These establishments are vital to our community and they, as well as the people that serve, need and deserve special protection and service as they work to secure their security and futures.
Thatís why Robert Wallach, works hard to give these vital institutions what they need to do business and to continue to offer their services to seniors and their families in the Broward-Palm Beach-Dade TriCounty areas.
Before becoming a lawyer, Robert Wallach spent twenty years of his career working as a financial analyst and was a frequent contributor to Bloomberg where he shared his expertise with a financially savvy readership. He holds a Masterís of Science in Finance and Masterís in Tax Law (LL.M) and has a rich scope of experience in these areas.
Itís rare that such an authority in finance and estate planning law should go to great lengths to benefit the people he works for. But Mr. Wallach believes that the people he serves deserve the security and advantages that his service provides. Thatís why he and his partners now offer their valuable advisory services without added the cost of in-house counsel.
Contact Information:
The Law Offices of Robert Craig Wallach, P.A.
4171 W. Hillsboro Blvd.
Suite 9
Coconut Creek, FL 33073
Toll Free: 866-593-5966

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