The Importance of A Will from an Estate Planning Lawyer in the Tri-County Area FL

Many people make the mistake of thinking that a last will is only for the super rich. This belief comes from watching too many soap operas and reading sensationalized tabloid news stories about high-profile deaths.
Common folks have nothing to divide up after their death, right? Well, this thinking is incorrect. Everybody needs to have a will. In fact, meeting with an estate planning lawyer in Tri-County Area FL and drafting a last will is part of being a responsible citizen. Keep reading to find out just how important your will can be.
Make Your Intentions Known
After your death, your surviving loved ones and others will want to know just what you intended to do with your property. They will want to show respect for your wishes. A will is the legal contract for them and the state to abide by.
You are responsible for letting people know how to split up any remaining property. Also, you have the right to make this important decision now even though you will not be around to supervise the appropriations.
Keep the Peace
Your will is a means of keeping relatives at peace. Nothing is worse than family members fighting  over property. But, sadly this is exactly what happens all too often. Someone dies intestate, without a will. Then, the surviving family begins arguing over just who deserves what.
The failure to have a will can even lead to serious legal battles. Get with an estate planning lawyer in Tri-County Area FL now to avoid this problem in the future.
Preserve Family Wealth
A will also helps you preserve wealth in the family. If you die intestate, the authorities will use a rigid formula to decide how to appropriate your property. You, on the other hand, know who can best make use of the remaining wealth.
Your will can ensure that the right people receive the property that they should have. Then, they can preserve it and increase the family estate.
Time to Make a Will
Always remember that the choice of a lawyer is an important decision and should not be based solely upon advertisement. Check references before retaining any attorney.

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